Education in the USA

theswiftreport-07It is safe to say that for the richest country in the world, the United States of America cannot really be considered the most successful country when it comes to educating its children. In fact, it is a very well-known fact that fewer children are literate in the US than in Cuba, a country that is definitely nowhere near as rich as the US, in fact, it might just be on the opposite side of the spectrum. So, what is the problem and can we do something about it?

The problem is that it feels like it is in no one’s interest for young people to get an education these days, which is complete nonsense. For instance, Santorum called Obama a snob for wanting everyone to go to college. While not everyone wants to go to college, it would definitely be a good thing if everyone was able to enroll college and get the education that they want. And when someone who is running for the candidate in the presidential elections sees this as a bad thing then there is something very wrong with this country.

Without educated people and skilled population, country gets worse. You cannot be a world power if you have to import experts from other parts of the world just because you cannot educate enough young people to push the country forward. And this is what is going to happen to the US, if, in fact, it is not happening already. When you look at the percentages of higher educated population in European Union, Japan, and even some less affluent parts of the world with the levels of higher educated people in the US, the things are not looking great. Things are looking even less great if you look at the number of those people getting educated in engineering and other natural sciences that are essential for the scientific progress of the country.

theswiftreport-06If you ask us, the problem is that the money has become too important in the education. Young people from poor families just do not have the means that rich kids have when they need to enroll college. For instance, if they were to take out loans, they would be indebted until they are in their 40s, not being able to take care of these loans for years. And even worse is the situation in which the rich, entitled kids are wasting their time in college, definitely not studying and getting by on their parents’ reputation and influence.

We simply need to raise the quality of government funded schools. We have the means; we just need the will to put it there. Education is essential for the advancement of the nation as a whole and the sooner we acknowledge this, the sooner will the US be the mightiest nation in the world. Currently, we are lagging behind and it should be a warning.

We need to educate our children much, much better.

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